Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today, I bring you a recommended investment fund to be added in your portfolio. Online-Capital is a hot investment fund recently. Their members and fund had grow significantly. It is an online Long Term Investment Corporation (LTIC) based in Vienna (Austria).

Currently they offer free $25 dollar deposit bonus when you join as an appreciation and increase customer confidence. You may immediately earn interest and I got paid without invest any cents. You have nothing to lose.

1.3% Interest Daily Plan
Withdraw Egold immediately at minimum $1.50

Get $25 free to deposit when you join Online-capital. Withdraw your earnings when you have made over $1.50 in interest. You don't have to deposit anything to withdraw your earnings. Sign up free while still in pre-launch to receive your $25 deposit free!

About this program
This well known program was founded in 2001 when a group of professional bankers and traders with over 15 years of combined experience united personal skills and ambitions for collective FOREX trading and mutual success. Until recently this program has been working mostly offline on the Central European market. Currently the company operates as a private pool where funds are diversified and invested in FOREX and arbitrage trading.

Insurance, generically, falls in two major categories i.e. business insurance and individual insurance. Business insurance is to safeguard the capital invested in the business. It also includes travel insurance to deal with operational issues of the business. Individual insurance is considered the cheap insurance among the two. But the policies like term insurance usually involve more risk in terms of investment returns.