Monday, May 28, 2007

Paypal add bank
For non-US Paypal users, the darkness day had over. Today, when I read the comment in LiewCF , the comment had started since 25 May about the problem fixed already. So, no need to ask, my first action is to login and accept payment. Yeah, it did. The worries is over but not sure what will be next. I am sure lot of users had loss confidence with Paypal. We deserve some compensation, man. Please share around this post, don't let Paypal hold the fund and earn interest. I would like to hear from those whose account still not fixed.

Another thing I found this quote from some where.
" I dont recommend anyone entering fake info for the US Bank Account thing because if PayPal decides to Limit or even Cancel your account...theres nothing you can do. I even emailed PayPal about it and they said anyone entering fake bank infos will either face limited account access or termination."
Please act fast before Paypal.