Sunday, May 20, 2007

This morning, I design the layout and Adsense placing. I had spend the whole morning just to place the Adsense ads in my favourite spot. However, it not works so easily as I thought. Before that, I had did some research from "Google Adsense Inside Your Post " where I got the idea. Too bad, there are some programming error in my blog. Blogspot trying to reject it and almost ruin my whole template.

"Do make a backup of your template, before editing"

In the frustating mood, I had found out this "Tips for New Bloggers: AdSense Code in Blogger Post Body". This guide is recommended for everyone. Veri detail, Clear and Work fine. So, the solution is I had to convert the adsense html code to xml. Do you see that on my post?

Try this handy parser for your code .