Thursday, May 17, 2007

You had get to the right place. This blog tutorial is specifically created for beginners who would like to start a money earning blog. This may safe you scratching your head and risking hair loss. I may provide you the blog setup guide but it require a lot of creative content to make your blog start rolling money. Don't give up yet.

First Part:

  1. Signup Gmail email

  2. Signup blog at Blogger

  3. Choose a name for your blog. Attractive blog name can attract more visitor. Eg.

  4. Choose a template or you can customize your own template. Download my template.

  5. Customize template. Template ->Edit HTML -> Upload the template.

  6. Start posting at least 10 template before apply Adsense

  7. Singup Google Adsense

  8. Placing your Adsense ads in your blog

  9. Get ready to purchase a Domain Name. Read more about why to get a domain name

  10. Done.

The next step will be driving traffic to your blog. Focus more on marketing and networking