Friday, May 18, 2007

For new kids on the Blog, try not to save your cost from buying a domain name. Those subdomain on,, or is not own by yours. You may facing the risk of losing the site, traffic, redirection, and even advertisement by third party. It will be much safer to own one. Maybe you don’t have much experience with blogging, so you don’t think it’s that big deal which platform you choose or whether you have your own domain name. Well think again.

By not having your own domain name, if you ever decide to move to another blogging platform you run the risk of losing all (or a lot) of your traffic, your search engine rankings, all of your hard earned incoming links, etc because you cannot take your URL with you.

How are you going to redirect your traffic to your new blog when you have NO ability to, say, set up a 301 Permanent Redirect? Which, for those who are wondering, would both:

  • automatically redirects human visitors to your new blog site
  • tells the search engines that your blog has permanently moved and gives it the new location
There are many reasons why you’d want your own domain name:
  • Ability to move with no hassles.
  • More professional to have your own name.
  • Building a recognizable brand identity.
  • Google Page Ranking (will discuss later)
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Auction your Domain Name (who knows your domain name may worth millions someday)
  • Submit to search engine, web services (some wont accept subd0main)
If you are using Blogger, your site is hosted by them and you need only a personal domain name.
Domain names are cheap - about $9 a year for a single one, as low as $6.75 a year if you own more than 50. There is NO excuse to not have your own domain name for your blog. You will regret if at some point down the road if you don’t start out with your own domain name.

I got my domain name from Yahoo which the cheapest I found then. Guess what, you can create unlimited subdomain from YOUR domain name too. What you need is some traffic redirection settings. It's worth it.