Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yeah, A new blogger had born.

I quite 'excite' as my blog finally launch, it would be greateful if had some celebrity open ceromony. I hope everything run well and the traffic to my blog congested the hosting. I had struggle for some time whether I need to run this blog as it is a trend, even a small kid also blog. I know I am a latecomer. Personally, I hate writing because I not good in expressing. I will try my best to bring you the success tips to earn money from blog and other finance tips as well.

After browsing some most famous blog Johnchow, cfliew, Tylercruz, BloggingSecret I got the motivation to start. Their blog income and site traffic was truly amazing. It really inspired me. There are a lot of opportunities I had missed. So I decided to get my slice back. Furthermore, I would like to built a network in the cyberworld and get famous.

Now back to my blog. I will blog everything about earn money (adsense, stock, forex, loan) which is my interest, there are also Tech, web, reviews and tips . I will share the steps to make money online from the point of view of a Newbie, in the mean time source for advice and tips from other blog experts. This blog may serve as guide for any newbie who like to blog to earn.

Wish me luck

Thanks for viewing and appreciate your comment and blessing

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