Saturday, May 19, 2018

Since Grab takeover of Uber, it has been a game changing for ride-hailing service in Malaysia. Also, a reset for Uber drivers. I hope my thoughts and self experience may help you decide before sign up as Grab driver, especially you up the ante quitting your job. Don’t get excited with Grab earnings calculator yet till you read this. I hope to give you some mental preparations. This is my humble experience of my transition from a Uber driver to a Grab driver after 2 months in Klang Valley.

1. Time
Generally, driving Uber and Grab is much the same, which is converting your time to money. It’s very depending on incentive to see some serious earning.

At KLIA, you may need to queue for 1 hour to get a job and pray hard the passengers not cancel request while on your way. Otherwise, your waiting time will reset.

2. Time, travel distance and fare
Your Time, travel distance and fare is not always equal. The system can send you a job to pickup a passenger 15 mins/5km away from you and wait for 10 mins for rider to show up just for a RM6 trip. Unlike taxi, you walk to their door. But we're not getting paid for the time and petrol just travel to pick up passenger before start trip. Bright side, there is also 1 min pickup time for a 10 mins trip at RM5.

Key is to ignore those pickup which more than 6-10 mins away + entering traffic jam zone. Remember your time = $$$. Don’t fully trust Waze!

Some passengers get frustrated while waiting for you, thus give low rating. So why give a damn by taking the risk. Anyway, this is how the system works.

3. Fare

Grab charge passengers(riders) at a fixed fare. Meaning that you will not be paid extra if stuck in traffic or waiting time. It’s not surprise getting RM10 fixed fare only, for an hour trip in KL traffic or once you take the wrong route. All at your own cost. The key is to know the traffic or direction well before accepting job.

Petrol is another factor. If petrol price up, driver fare remain unchanged. Drive smart!

Take a look at GrabCar (Economy) Weekly Earning Structure – Klang Valley

4. Commission
Remember Grab take 25% cut of your fare or a quarter. Think again if your hard work and time spent is ok to share a quarter earnings with them. Moreover, you're the one paying petrol and maintenance cost yet.

5. Cancel trip
For Grab driver, you get to travel to passenger location first for pickup. Once reach or half way, the passenger may cancel trip or disappear when you arrived. Since you not completing a trip, you gain nothing. Sometimes, it can be taxi competitor or kids playing with the request to made you travel around for nothing. Remember no compensation for your time n petrol. Key is learn to accept disappointment and blame your luck

6. Driver Rating (DR)
Customer always right. They can give you any rating regardless your service. It’s very subjective too but Grab took this seriously and affect your incentive. At most, they will ban your account only. The ratings has to be at least 4.7 out of 5.
Unreasonable people do exist in our life. I admit I do give rating based on face problem or the weather. Key is do your best and smile always or quit if not happy.

7. Your Safety
Every job has their own risk. Imagine, passenger text you (in app function) while you busy navigating Waze to pick him up. You can’t ignore the message as it might change of pickup location which can make difference even just a row of shop away. Key is multitasking while driving(reminder: don’t do this!)

8. Car
Car is one of your biggest asset in life.
Imagine below scenario first before sign up:
Picking construction worker
Sweaty after sports
Eating nasi lemak
Rain and wet your car seat
Heavy perfume party chic
Pls think the worst

9. Phone charges
Everything come at a cost. Are you going to call a passenger to confirm trip or chasing them if not show up. In return, they may give you good rating with your service. But that is your own cost. Think again, is the fare (before deduct commissions) enough to cover this extra service?

In my opinions:
Grab driver as part time is workable, if you give a lift on your way home after work or on the way to somewhere.
If full time, my advise is better get a meaningful job.
Fare is too low at a stage of threatening driver income but Grab profit is guaranteed (25% commissions).

It's better to book Grab and leverage Grab service since they have cheapest fare and passenger at winning side.