Monday, May 21, 2007

Cheap Domain Name
The first thing come in mind when this blog started is I had to get a domain name. So coincidently, I received Yahoo marketing mail. I can't believe it. They are offering $1.99 one domain name only for new customer. I quickly snatch the offer and here comes JinJinBlog. My first domain name in life. How it sounds?

Please take note of the T&R too. Offer expires 6/30/2007. Discount applies only to the first year of service. ...When your domain expires, it will auto renew by charging to your account without notice.

If you didn't realise, faster grab this offer from this link:

Signup here


Nick Chan said...

what do you think about their (yahoo) service? i have read that people giving negative feedbacks on it.

Jin said...

thanks a lot for your comment. you are the first in my blog. yahoo service is ok to me. I dont feel anything bad yet. I like the speed of changing the DNS record. Within 1/2 hour the new settings is updated. Unlike Malaysia domain hosting, may take 24-48 hour to update new setting when you change the record. Maybe due to Yahoo server is in US.