Saturday, June 2, 2007

For those readers who don't know Nuffnang, Nuffnang is a Malaysia advertising community, in fact Nuffnang is Asia first blog advertising community. When I new to blog, I found their ads often display in other blog and heard from friends but never take it seriously. Later on, I found more about that when I blog. As a Malaysian, we must support Nuffnang. I am glad to join the community. Hopefully, they approve my blog and start earning. Enjoy the ads!

One little
Two little
Three little

Another good news today, there are 2 readers subscribed to my Feed. I am very excited for this achievement. Finally got readers appreciate my blog. It's mean a lot to me. If you read this post, kindly leave a comment with your contact. I would like to thank you personally, probably a big KISS.


ISKANDAR said...

Hi Jin,
How are you doing? I'm glad you show some interest about Nuffnang. Hopefully, Nuffnang will pay us ASAP when our earnings reach RM100..:)

Iskandar - Project AGLOCO

Jin said...

Good luck. hope they bring more ads supplier