Tuesday, September 30, 2014

SM Entertainment has finally released an official statement regarding the controversy with Girls’ Generation member Jessica.
It said, “This spring, due to her personal situation, Jessica said she would stop group activities after one more album. Despite Jessica’s sudden statement, Jessica and the Girls’ Generation members continued to work hard and carefully think over so that the team can continue to work in the best direction.”
SM continued, “However, recently with Jessica starting her fashion business while there was a lack of specific mediation regarding the interests and prioritization of Girls’ Generation’s activities, a situation has been reached where the team cannot be maintained, despite continued discussion.”
SM concluded, “As such, we could only pull up the plan for Girls’ Generation’s activities as eight members, and while we were discussing the timing of the announcement, Jessica wrote the message in her own perspective earlier today.”
SM ended with, “We plan to continue to support and manage Jessica’s individual activities and Girls’ Generation’s activities as eight members.”