Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tested by Mehay at Bangkok expressway and hitting the top speed of 248Kmh. Watch the video..

Completely new, both bikes are based around a steel twin-spar frame and they share the same 649 cc four-cylinder fuel-injected engine.

Connected to a six-speed gearbox, it produces 85 bhp (64 kW / 87 PS) at 11,000 rpm with 63 Nm (46 lb/ft) of peak torque at 8,000 rpm. Although those figures might suggest lots of revs are needed to get any performance, Honda is saying tweaks to the cam timing mean the motor pulls strongly from below 4,000 rpm.

Alloy wheels, twin digital instrument displays and an LED taillight are fitted, but only the CBR650F gets anti-lock brakes as standard. To help buyers personalise their motorcycles, a range of accessories will be available that includes heated handlebar grips, various luggage solutions and an anti-theft alarm.

The kerb weight of the CB650F is 206 kg (454 lbs) or 208 kg (458 lbs) with the optional ABS, while the CBR650F tips the scales at 211 kg (465 lbs). Both models have a seat height of 810 mm (31.9”).