Sunday, September 14, 2014

Experiencing joint pain, knee pain ? Listen up, folks! Especially the physically active individuals out there!

Urah is changing the way people take glucosamine from pills to a more convenient method of transdermal creams. Using its Patented Micellar Delivery technology, glucosamine is delivered directly to the joint area and provides the body with what it needs to make soft tissues. Urah creams come in varieties with MSM for athletes and also Bio-calcium to counter bone loss in older users.

Get your sports shoes and make that step to a healthier you without worrying about joint pains! Feel free to get in touch with Urah through these details:

Urah Transdermal Pte Ltd
Innovation Centre, Blk 2 Unit 112A, Nanyang Technological University
18 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 637723
Tel: +65 6794 6877; Fax: +65 6794 6878