Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wrestler George "John Kronus" Caiazo was found dead on Wednesday afternoon in his New Hampshire home according to Pro Wrestling Insider.

"I've heard Kronus underwent a knee operation (possibly a knee replacement, which I heard a few months back he was going to have) last week," Mike Johnson writes.
No other details were available as of press time.

Kronus, whose real name was George Caiazo, was a top act in the now-defunct Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion run by Paul Heyman during the mid-'90s. Kronus and Perry Saturn (Perry Satullo) held the tag-team title on several occasions.

The Eliminators were best known for using high-impact, double-team maneuvers, with their coup de grace being a move known as "The Total Elimination."

The team engaged in noteworthy feuds with the likes of The Pit Bulls, The Gangstas, and Rob Van Dam and Sabu. Kronus later teamed with New Jack (Jerome Young) to win the ECW tag-team belts from The Dudleys (now Team 3-D).

Kronus, who was trained by the legendary Walter "Killer" Kowalski, retired from the wrestling business in 2002.


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