Monday, July 9, 2007

The awating moment for the finest air craft had arrived, 787 Dreamliner was unveiled yesterday.

By assembly with new materials and highly efficient engines, The Chicago-based firm, with much of its design, manufacturing and assembly plants in the north-western US state of Washington, has booked more than 650 orders from dozens of airlines for the long- distance carrier.

In comparison to older aircraft, the Boeing 787 employs large amounts of composite materials in the fuselage and carbon-fibre wings.

Large structural components for the fuselage and wings are being built at Italy's Alenia Aeronautica and in Japan. The jet engines are the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 and General Electric's GEnx.

The various 787 models have comparatively few seats - 200 to 300 compared to a capacity of some 400 seats in the jumbo-jet class - but a flight range stretching from 5,600 kilometres to 15,700 kilometres. That flexibility can enable direct flights between smaller airports or flights from smaller airports to larger hubs.

The first 787 test flight is in August, and Boeing must prove that the jet can deliver on its promised efficiency and aeronautical performance.

There are 3 model for 787 which are 787-3, 787-8, 787-9

With the improve of cabin interior, spacious seats, and ambient, no doubt this is the best selling commercial jet. The flight journey had brought to another level.

For more cabin interior photo, click here


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