Sunday, July 22, 2007

In the qualifying round of Nurburgring Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton cruised through to the third qualifying session but suffered a big accident minutes later that brought out the red flags and halted the session. The rookie star was on his first real hot lap of the session when the front right wheel suffered a failure. With no steering input the McLaren speared across the gravel trap before making heavy contact with the tyre barrier on the outside of the flat out Schumacher S turn.

The MP4-22 was badly damaged as Hamilton was unable to scrub off much speed before making contact with the front and front right corner of the car. The medical team arrived quickly on the scene as Hamilton clambered from the car. Usual precautions saw the team take their time to remove Hamilton from the scene. Hopefully he will be able to take part in tomorrow’s race as he has no apparent serious injury.

Source: Yeeloon Blog