Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Check out Ambank "Credit Cards Cash Back" starst from 4 May - 31 August 2009.

Get cash back for petrol and groceries. 10% rebate would be given on Wednesdays and 5% on other days. So now we have to time our grocery and petrol purchases and make sure we buy on Wednesdays to maximise our savings.

These are the participating chains:-
Petrol - BHP, Caltex, Esso, Mobil, Petronas, Shell
Groceries - Carrefour, Cold Storage, Giant, Jusco, Mydin, Tesco

There are however, some terms and conditions so do read the fine print. Some of them I have listed below.
1) This promotion is only valid for principal cardmembers of AmBank except AmBank True & AmBank Insurance Card.
2) Cash rebate is calculated in blocks of RM50 for petrol and RM100 for groceries at participating outlets only.
3) Each cardmember is only entitled to a maximum cash rebate of RM50 per month.
4) The monthly pay-out is limited to RM100K per month (wah, we better shop early in the month).
5) SMS charges apply to both incoming and outgoing sms.

credit card
credit card


Anonymous said...

Stay clear of this promo coz the monthly payout pool of RM100K finishes in the first few days of the month. I bought petrol on the 6th of May and I did not get a rebate as Ambank told me that the pool was finished as early as the first 3 days of the month!! So much for a GREAT but LOUSY promo:(

Anonymous said...

Yes, I totally agree. We did not get any rebate. This promo system definitely upset all their customers and switch to other cards like RHB or CIMB which offer similar benefits. I told off the customer service that will be my last usage and I will never use their card anymore.

cashback said...

Nice article and good insight thanks.