Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sad to mention that, but is time for tax paying. For those who earn a healthy sum, you might give a cut back. If you havent meet your minimum adsense payment, you are avoided this time.

With tax season looming, we'll begin sending eligible publishers a Form 1099-MISC on January 31st. If you're eligible to receive one, you can expect it to arrive in the mail by the second week of February.

We'll send you this tax form if:

You submitted a Form W-9, are not a corporation, and were paid at least US $600 in 2007, OR

You indicated that you are subject to backup withholding and had taxes withheld

If you happen to have your earnings reported on this form, keep in mind that payments dated in 2007 will be reported in 2007. This means that unpaid earnings from 2007 that are rolled over to 2008 won't be included. For example, December earnings which are paid in January won't be included as earnings for 2007.

Whether you're new to AdSense or just find it hard to keep tax details straight, please remember that all publishers are responsible for paying any taxes resulting from participating in the AdSense program. We recommend checking your account to ensure your tax information is up to date.

Posted by Korey Lee - AdSense Publisher Support

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