Thursday, June 21, 2007

Since the previous post of Blogger Template Design, I received a rush of traffic to my blog. So, I would post another sets of templates. They are classic Blogger templates and it quite different from new Blogger templates which without using Widget tools. You might need to tweak and try to insert Adsense or Blogroll at the suitable place. I will provide you the step here to import the classic template.

How to use Classic Blogger Templates in New Blogger

  1. Login to New Blogger with your Google account.

  2. On your Dashboard choose blog you want to edit, Click on Layout, you’ll go direct to Template tab where blog you want to Edit.

  3. Choose the Template tab of your blog then click on Edit HTML.

  4. Next scroll down to the end of your page and choose Revert to Classic Template.

  5. Copy all the code of the template you wish and paste it into your blog.

  6. Click on SAVE TEMPLATE
Click here to download the 50+ of Classic Blogger Templates from